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Short Courses

Its principal purpose is to engage adults and provide the skills and learning they need to equip them for work, an apprenticeship or further learning. These courses are a great starting point for training for eager, motivated and enthusiastic staff in order to improve both themselves and the performance of the business and build a skilled, committed and knowledgeable workforce.

First Aid at Work

The course looks at the role of the first aider and an employer’s responsibilities in relation to first aid. This follows with practical activities covering a range of health emergencies such as choking, burns, bleeding, fractures as well as practising the recovery position as well as demonstrating the recovery position and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

Food Safety Awareness

(This course is for people who assist individuals with food or meals)This food hygiene course expects learners to understand bacteriology and the causes of food poisoning and how to prevent contamination and food poisoning. The course also covers Food Safety laws and good practice guidance in how to prepare, cook and store foods safely.

Health and Safety

The course help learners to understand the Legal Framework and their roles and responsibilities in health and safety. It also covers principles of fire safety, infection control, COSHH, stress at work, managing risk and effective recording and reporting.

Infection Control

This course is designed to look at safe principles of infection control and its importance in health and social care environments. Learners will gain an understanding of the legislation, regulations and guidance that govern infection control and risk management. It covers the chain of infection and infection prevention including practising effective hand washing.

Mental Capacity Act & Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

This course is suitable for all support staff to give an introductory awareness of the MCA and how it applies to the setting. It covers issues of capacity and capacity assessment and the definitions of restriction and restraint. Learners will be able to explain who the DoLS will apply to and what they cover.

Medicines Awareness

A comprehensive and detailed course, which is suitable for all staff who are involved in medication activities. It covers current legislation, policy and good practice including use of controlled medication in different settings, receipt, storage and disposal of medicines Activities include the use of a BNF to source different classes, forms and routes of medicines. Staff roles and responsibilities are explored in medication handling and record keeping in all types of settings, and how to safely administration different forms of medicines via different routes. Case studies are used to help learners identify remedial actions to take to reduce errors. Learners should have adequate knowledge to complete competency assessments when they return to their workplace.

Moving and Handling Theory

One of 2 moving and handling courses, this one looking at the theory of caring for your back, identifying and assessing risks, roles and responsibilities of the worker and current legislation. Activities include discussing the spine and how it works and good practice guidance for manual handling.

Moving and Handling People (practical)

The second of our moving and handling courses covers similar principles to the above theory course and learners can practice and demonstrate a range of moving and handling techniques using equipment. This course is delivered over 5 hours (depending on requirements) and will take place in the organisations workplace or in a specially designed classroom with equipment (additional cost).

Person Centred Approaches

An introductory course into the term ‘person centred approach’ and history of person centred planning. Learners explore person centred values and how these can be applied to practice. Activities include completing a one-page profile and what makes a good day and a bad day for individuals, together with principles of active participation and the value of partnership working.

Record Keeping and Handling Information

The course helps staff to understand the legal framework relating to record keeping including the GDPR and their accountabilities and responsibilities within their role. Learners can practice effective record keeping and how to meet compliance.

Safeguarding Adults

An informative course looking at definitions, types, signs, indicators of abuse and the framework of Safeguarding Adults. Learners can explore serious case reviews and the impact on the sector. A range of activities generates discussion to facilitate understanding of risk factors and the implications of capacity and consent. We look at local multi-agency policies and organisational policies on Safeguarding adults and whistleblowing so staff can understand their role in prevention, reporting and managing disclosures.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Health & Social Care

This course will cover definitions of key concepts and terminology and key pieces of Legislation. Activities are designed for discussion of key issues of equality, diversity, discrimination and rights and looking at both an employer and employee responsibilities under equality law and good practice.