Equality and Diversity
 PVG TRAINING is committed to treating everyone fairly. we respect and value the
diversity of our learners, clients, employees, suppliers, partners, employers and all
other people, we work with.
 We strive to create a positive working environment to support learning and
improve employment opportunities where everyone is treated with dignity and
 We will challenge any instance of inequality and will anticipate and respond
positively to the different needs and circumstances so that everyone can achieve
their full potential.
Learning and working environment
 We are committed to creating open and conducive learning and working
environments where everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect.
 We are opposed to and will not tolerate any form of bullying, harassment or
unacceptable behaviour where this makes an individual feel intimidated or
 We will ensure all individuals have clear routes to report incidents and/or concerns
and for these to be managed fairly and fully.
 We will strive to ensure all individuals feel comfortable to express their views,
experiences, and perceptions but in a respectful and non-discriminatory manner.
 Any form of prejudice, discrimination and/or stereotypical attitudes will be
challenged and supported by training on equality and diversity practice.
 We will ensure that all our learning materials and public and internal
communications reflect the diverse society in which we live and enable individual
access to those working or learning with us.

For learners: We have an Anti-Bullying Policy for learners which sets out types
of behaviour which is unacceptable and procedures which will be followed to respond
to complaints and/or concerns and how people involved will be supported.

Where learners are following work-based training in employment, they will also be
subject to their employer’s disciplinary procedure(s).

For employees: We have a Dignity at Work Policy for employees which explain
how issues of bullying and harassment and complaints of this type will be dealt with.

For employers: We expect employers to have in place and to communicate
procedures that deal with staff bullying, harassment, unacceptable behaviour and

We will:
 Provide learning and working environments that respect difference and protects
the diversity of those working within them

 Raise individual awareness of the importance of equality and diversity and good
relations between people of different groups
 Develop the awareness and skills of individuals to promote fairness, inclusivity and
good relations
 Instil in everyone high expectations of achievement and progression and value
positively the achievements they have made
 Ensure that everyone is enabled to achieve positive outcomes, whatever their
 Ensure fair and equal access to learning and recruitment and act to promote
 Make reasonable and practicable adjustments to enable individuals to participate
in learning or work. Where this is not feasible, we will identify alternative
 Consult with and involve individuals on their experience of learning and working
with PVGTEC.
 Embed equality impact evaluation into key business projects, critical policies and
procedures, and business improvement processes.
 Create and maintain effective partnerships with employers, suppliers, and partners
and ensure that they support our commitment to equality and diversity.

Safeguarding and Prevent

 “The Prevent Strategy was first set out by the government in 2011. The
Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 have introduced the Prevent
 The Prevent Duty has, “Due regard to the need to prevent people from
being drawn into terrorism.” Anti-Terrorism and Security Act 2015:
Schedule 3, Section 21.
 The government has defined extremism in the Prevent Duty as: “Vocal
or active opposition to fundamental British Values, including democracy,
the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of
different faiths and beliefs.” This also includes calls for the death of
members of the British armed forces.
British values are defined as: “Democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty
and mutual respect and tolerance for those with different faiths and
beliefs.” Aspire are committed to encouraging all students, apprentices,
staff and partners to respect and safeguard with particular regard to the
protected characteristics set out in the Equality Act 2010.

 The safeguarding of all our learners on all programmes is a critical
aspect of our service to you, ensuring that all aspects of your learning
journey is achieved in a safe, secure and enjoyable environment.
 Aspire are committed to our responsibilities for the safeguarding of
young people and adults at risk. If you have any concerns for your own
or anyone else’s safety or wellbeing in training, your workplace or at
home, any of our team will listen to you and support you with our
safeguarding officers if it is appropriate to do so.

 You can contact our safeguarding lead easily on 07460364915 or by
emailing info@thepvgtec.co.uk.

 The Anti-Terrorist Hotline is a confidential service allowing you to report
concerns around terrorism or suspected terrorist activity. No piece of
information is considered too small or insignificant.
 Telephone: 0800 789 321 (in emergencies always call 999)
 Text phone: 0800 032 4539
Please contact our Safeguarding team with any concerns.

Personal Development, Behaviour, and Wellbeing
Personal Development, Behaviour and wellbeing will be embedded throughout all of
our PVGTEC courses to ensure that learners have the optimal experience to develop
their self-confidence throughout their learning journey with PVGTEC. These skills will
help each and every learner to aspire to their full potential.
Personal Development, Behaviour, and Wellbeing is a part of the Common
Inspection Framework (CIF) Inspectors expect to see:
 Learners taking pride in their work
 Becoming self-confident
 Knowing how to succeed on the qualification and at work
 Benefiting from purposeful work-related learning
 Developing personal, social and employability skills
 Developing English, Mathematics, and ICT/Digital skills
 Enhancing learning to increase future employability
 Work appropriate to the level of study
 Receiving career pathways guidance
 Know how to protect themselves from risks associated with Radicalisation,
Extremism, Forms of Abuse, Grooming, Bullying, and Online Safety.
 Understanding of leading an Active Healthy Lifestyle
 Understanding of how to keep safe and how to report concerns
 Understanding rights and responsibilities
 Engagement with enrichment activities
 Attendance and punctuality
 Following the code of practice
At PVGTEC, we embed PDBW with naturally occurring events and planned activities
to ensure each and every one of our learners achieve their full potential both in and
out of work.

Information, Advice and Guidance
We aim to promote career and life opportunities for our learners. Throughout the
learner’s journey, our tutors will support the economic and social well-being of our
learners and the local communities. We are committed to continuously invest
in developing a diverse, skilled, talented and productive workforce, and an
environment where learners are proud and want to complete their education

We seek to ensure that our IAG supports learners and colleagues in protecting
themselves from harassment, bullying, and discrimination, including those colleagues
who are based with employers and at other external sites. Through effective IAG, we
work hard to prepare our learners for a successful life in modern Britain.

It is our intention that IAG is delivered in a way which is compliant with the Prevent
duty and observant of effective Safeguarding practice, promoting:

“democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of

those with different backgrounds, faiths, and beliefs”. Ofsted

Our tutors will
  Encourage all customers to be open and confident about their learning needs,
providing the opportunity to disclose any learning difficulties/disabilities with their
  Review the individual learner’s needs that are identified at the start of their course
and provide appropriate resources and/or strategies to respond to those needs
  Monitor the learner’s progress of achievement through assessment, planning, and
  Ensure that support is not restricted to educational needs but seeks to consider
personal, emotional and social.
  Make reasonable adjustments to ensure that the customer’s needs are met at
every stage of their learning.
  Seek specialist help if needed and signpost to specialist providers.

Our Commitment

PVG training and Educational Consult Ltd (PVGTEC) is committed to creating an
IAG experience for our customers that is:

 Holistic, inspirational and designed motivate.
 Personalised to suit the student.
 Planned to guide customers on to the right course of action and to support and
stretch them.
 Developing self-confidence.
 Coaching them to be successful and progress on to their next steps.
 Supports Safeguarding Excellent practice and embraces the Prevent duty.

We are committed to developing quality IAG provision in the agreement with our
partners, to ensure that the best range of progression opportunities are available,

and that consistency of delivery ensures all  of our customers receive impartial, high-
quality IAG.

Who can use our IAG Service?
It’s available to current, potential students, students from partnership agencies and
local employers.
How can the PVG TEC IAG service help you?
Our friendly and experienced staff can help you with the following as a minimum:
* Finding the right course for you
* Improving your job search skills to find full, part time or volunteering work.
* A confidential, impartial and objective information and advice service concerning
learning opportunities, skills and qualifications, career progression and how to
access them
* Supporting learners during their studies to assist their learning and personal
* Advice and services to enable learners to study effectively if they have a disability
or additional requirements
* Telephone/ 1-2-1 services providing information and advice
* If we cannot help you ourselves we can signpost you to a referral service or other
agencies for the required information or advice you require.
We offer one to one or group sessions.
* You’ll find our staff to be friendly, supportive and knowledgeable
* Discussions with them will be impartial and centred on your specific needs
* The service is free
* Appointments to suit you can be arranged on request
If we can’t help you directly, our staff are sure to know of other organizations that
probably can and they’ll help you to get in touch with the right people.
Don’t delay—contact us today to move ahead with your career plans.

How can you get in touch with the PVG TEC?
Contact or call into our Head Office in Moston, Manchester or speak to any of our
staff so that we can arrange to deal with your query or book an appointment with
appropriate staff members.
Simply call us on 0161 879 8161/ 07460364915
You can also email your query to info@thepvgtec.co.uk
Visit our website to find out more about the services we offer: www.thepvgtec.co.uk

Privacy Policy
Our commitment to privacy
This privacy statement explains how The Training Brokers (referred to as ‘PVG
Training’, ‘we’, ‘us’) collects information from you via the website or in any manner
expressly described in the privacy statement and how this information is then used.
When you provide us with your personal data you consent to us processing all such
personal data as set out in the privacy statement.
Please read this privacy statement carefully and revisit this page from time to time to
review any changes that we have made. If you have any questions, comments or
concerns about how we handle your personal information, please ring us on 0161
879 8161/07460364915 or email us at info@thepvgtec.co.uk. This statement
provides a summary of the full Privacy Policy. Both the statement and the full Privacy
Policy apply to information collected by PVG Training or via PVG Training website
and in any manner described in the Privacy Statement.
Protecting your personal information
Your personal data is protected by UK data protection law. You can find details for
the UK Information Commissioner at www.informationcommissioner.gov.uk or by
accessing TTB Data Protection Statement at www.thetrainingbrokers.co.uk. As a
registered data controller, we are required to take appropriate technical measures to
protect your personal information including making a regular backup of our system
and data. We have security measures in place to make sure any personal
information we collect is secure.
Your account is password protected and all information including your password is
on a secure server, which only a limited number of employees and sub-contractors
can access. All parties with access to your information are subject to confidentiality
obligations. If you think someone else knows your password, or is using it, tell us
immediately and change your password. You can change your password on the
website. Even though we take appropriate technical steps to protect your security,
you should remember that data transmission over the internet cannot always be
guaranteed as 100% secure so you use the website at your own risk.
Personal information
We collect personal data about when you enrol as a learner. At enrolment, we may
ask you for sensitive personal data and for your consent to use it for a specific
purpose. If you do not wish to provide this information, you may select the Not
Known/Not Provided or Prefer not to say option. We share some of your personal
data with the Awarding Organisation and where relevant with the Education Skills
Funding Agency through their Learner Registration Service. If government funding is

available for your course, we collect personal data from you to see if you can have
that funding.
When you access your course materials we collect information about how you use
those materials. You may provide us with further personal data if you use one of our
learning or communications facilities or use one of our online skills tests. We use
cookies and other technologies to keep track of how you interact with our website
and to target advertising. For information about this please see our Use of Cookies
Purpose and Disclosures
We use your personal information to deal with your queries, to provide you with the
services you request, to determine whether you are eligible for government funding
(if available), customer feedback and for general statistics and research.